Old sad backup

I’m a stand up from Canada.  My personal blog is Steve Smells is where I post jokes, videos and writing.

My best so far:

  1. The Safety Net
  2. Don’t Quit
  3. Therapy

I don’t smell.  In fact, I have almost no sense of smell either (but they don’t make glasses for your nose).  When asked “you smell that?” I fake “yes. gross.” and this satisfies most skeptics.

This was my best joke (until they finally released a good one) R.I.P.:


You may have found me through Google, or I may be leaning over your shoulder, reading this to you, aloud.  Either way, hope you get a laugh:

My first Animation:

(Please watch. My video to communicate Climate Change is a short, entertaining way.)

I also starred in a short film:

Un-Armed Robbery


My theme song is currently #34 on the Billboard 200:


I’ve performed at Just for Laughs in Montreal and on Canadian TV for the Comedy Network and iChannel. 


I’ve written for TV shows on National Geographic and AXS TV and now perform around LA at shows like Chatterbox, Good Heroin, Josh and Josh, Carport and the Westside Comedy Theater.

Contrary to the rumor, I’m not the greatest human ever but I am fairly decent. I’m engaged to my fiancee from Canada and I ride a motorcycle which I repair myself.

I #FeelTheBern so bad, and fully endorse Bernie Sanders for president.

I read as much as possible (favorites: Orwell, Steinbeck and Vonnegut) and am political.  Comedy is art and the best comedians are akin to philosophers. I love comedy more than worldly possessions; the proof is my bank account.

I write smart, honest comedy.

You can e-mail me or Follow me on Twitter: