Copywriting / Marketing

Marketing Portfolio:

Centerpiece: A self-produced, hand drawn animation (Toon Boom / FCP) to showcase my writing, animation & creativity.

Copywriting:  I have agency experience and was the lead copywriter for 2 major Ubisoft Titles (Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate & Rainbow 6: Siege) for an E3 War Room campaign.  I worked as part of a larger team to provide on-brand copy based on client feedback, and corresponding social copy based on best practices.



“Terrohunt is back” is an animated piece based on my initial concept.  Bullet holes punch through simple copy, informing core-fans a specific mode will return.  On brand: few bullets are used, to imply tactical precision rather than over-the-top mayhem.


“Get in. Stay in.” uses short, military feeling copy to drive users to sign up for game pre-release, and references the core mechanic (attack/defend) of Rainbow Six: Siege.

Soon all of London will know his name

Based on my visual concept “Soon all of London will know his name” builds anticipation for the new protagonist, while copy reveals the location (Industrialized London) and alludes to the gangster aspect of the game.


“I’ve got a nasty trick up my sleeve” highlights the newest weapon to the franchise: the Kukri. A curved blade for brutal close combat, copy is in voice of main character, to portray a cheeky yet aggressive hero.

Technical Writing:  I was the copywriter for boutique software firm, writing content and marketing copy, as well as WordPress design.

Geek Inc Copy

Bonita Copywriting
Social Media:
I ran social media accounts and provided copywriting for a chain of local weight loss spas, running their Facebook and Instagram accounts.

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Graphic Design:  I have designed online posts, logos, posters for live shows and graphics for t-shirts.


Marketing and SEO: I’ve done website tracking through Google Analytics and run Ad Words campaigns.

TV: I wrote for a science / comedy show on National Geographic.

If you need a copywriter or design work (or someone who can wear many hats), contact me at:

tel: (323) 360 –  4281


Steve Scholtz